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We are Andrada Mining

We are Andrada Mining, a lithium, tin and tantalum producer in Namibia, Africa – on our way to becoming a leading, global mineral supplier.
Andrada Mining Tech-Metals
Unearthing-Tech Minerals

The Future of Mining Is Here

We are lithium, tin and tantalum producers in Africa’s mineral-rich Namib desert. Our operations span four locations across the Erongo region.
Andrada Mining Assets in Namibia
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Tech-Metal Revolution

With a strong foothold in tin mining and subsequent expansion into lithium and tantalum, we are a trailblazer in the tech-metals industry.
Andrada Mining Assets in Namibia
Conflict-Free Mining

Success Is More Than Profits

We believe success is measured by more than achieving nameplate capacity. It is also about leaving a better world for the next generation.
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AfriTin Becomes Andrada

Technology Metals Producer

Unearthing Lithium, Tin & Tantalum in Africa

As of January 2023, AfriTin Mining Ltd rebranded to Andrada Mining Ltd – the mining company of the future.

We are far more than just another mining company, consisting of explorers, developers and change-makers – resourceful individuals committed to unearthing opportunities and growing them into something successful.

While holding a diverse portfolio of production, development, and exploration assets, our vision is to enhance the quality of life for all.

We are committed to identifying and developing tech metals across Namibia, driving innovation in technology, and adding value for stakeholders and nearby communities alike.

More Than Miners

We are dynamic, innovative and driven by a passion for mining and a commitment to sustainability. We are counted among the trailblazing tech-metal producers in the industry and a partner of choice for customers and stakeholders.


Extract commodities with significant tech-metal potential, namely lithium, tin and tantalum


Uncovered an opportunity for resource expansion and continues to explore Namibia's Damara Belt for future potential


Established the Erongo region in central-western Namibia as a globally acknowledged tech-metals producer


Phase 1 expansion aims to increase current production, with a 10x potential scale-up to Phase 2

Multi-Mine Potential

Access to more prospective mining licences around the central hub of the established Uis tin mine

Successful Logistics

Current infrastructure can be shared across mining licences to allow the benefit of existing logistics

World-Class Team

World-class, experienced board of directors, management and advisory team with a focused interest

High ESG Standards

Company-wide sustainability practices enforced by board-certified policies and first-rate governance