Mining Asset

Lithium Ridge

Andrada aims to expand its resource base through exploration of its assets. Our Lithium Ridge (Nai-Nais) mining asset is within the ML133 mining license area situated approximately 35km southeast of the Uis Mine, along the D1903 road linking to the B2 highway. This license area is situated within the NaiNais - Kohero pegmatite belt and is the location of the former tin and tantalum producing TinTan Mine.
Andrada Mine Namibia

The exploration drilling in 2023 at Lithium Ridge confirmed the 6km of lithium mineralisation at surface continues at depth. The results indicated that along a 6km strike , intersections at higher lithium grades than those at Uis and are commensurate with similar hard-rock resources globally. The results indicated tin grades similar to those at Uis which will be investigated for by-product potential.

Historically, our Lithium Ridge asset offered tin and tantalum production – previously selling concentrate to ISCOR, a similar processing facility with similar metallurgy.

Lithium Ridge has numerous pegmatite intrusions in close proximity, extending from the surface. Historically, it was an opencast mine featuring a low stripping ratio. Its lithium-bearing minerals include spodumene and petalite.

  • 3 300 hectare licence area, 35 km from Uis

  • Pegmatite hosted mineralisation with high Sn-Li-Ta resource potential

  • Abundant, closely spaced pegmatites

  • Observable lithium minerals include petalite, spodumene and lepidolite

  • Ore compatible with Uis processing

  • Channel sampling results of up to 2.18% Li₂O, over 9.68m and 0.18% Sn and 89 ppm Ta

  • Reverse circulation drilling results of up to 2.13% Li₂O
    • Lithium mineralisation at depth

Andrada Mining Asset: Lithium Ridge, Namibia

Future Programmes:

  • Map mineralisation horizons

  • Characterisation of pegmatite size, mineralogy & geology

  • Establish bulk lithium, tin & tantalum grades