Our committees ensure that we stay compliant with international regulations, mining governance, and our internal corporate policies.
Andrada Mine Namibia

Audit Committee

The Andrada Audit Committee reviews and approves the terms of organisation-related transactions after studying the details.

It consists exclusively of non-executive board members, Glen Parsons, Michael Rawlinson, and Terence Goodlace.

The committee meets bi-annually, with CEO Anthony Viljoen and CFO Hiten Ooka attending these meetings by invitation.


  • Review financial statements and reports before approval – focusing on accounting changes, major decisions, and significant audit developments while ensuring compliance with accounting standards, the stock exchange, and legal requirements

  • Review internal financial controls, including auditor records, and report back to the board

  • Decide on auditor appointments and compensation while monitoring their independence and objectivity

  • Discuss the audit's scope, any issues that may arise, or matters it wants to raise with the auditor

  • Create and follow the policy for hiring an external auditor for non-audit services

Remuneration & Nominations Committee

The Andrada Remuneration Committee reviews senior management performance, sets their pay scale and structure, and handles bonus payouts. It also deals with share options while keeping the best interests of the shareholders and group performance in mind.

It is comprised of non-executive board members, Glen Parsons, Michael Rawlinson, and Gida Nakazibwe Sekandi.

The committee meets at least annually.


Environment, Social & Governance Committee

The Andrada ESG Committee ensures ESG principles are implemented across all organisational activities through an approach that is inclusive and beneficial to all stakeholders.

It consists of Terence Goodlace, Laurence Robb, and Gida Nakazibwe Sekandi. Other board members, executives, and ESG role players attend meetings by invitation.


  • Advise on how to maintain a strong ESG scorecard and social licence to operate

  • Create the ESG strategy, policies, and compliance systems

  • Monitor the company's performance as compared to industry standards