Tech-Metal Mines


We primarily mine lithium, tin and tantalum across four mining assets in the Erongo region of Namibia, Southern Africa. 

Andrada Mines

Tech Mining for a Greener Future

Namibia is an ideal investment destination in Africa, known for its transparent business environment.

It has a stable democracy, an independent legal system, good transport infrastructure, and access to water and power. This, plus a long-established mining code, makes it well-suited for the mining industry.

Namibia's Damara Belt is an African metallogenic jewel, with a wealth of mining history and regional geological information. The area has huge unexplored potential.

Mining Assets

Mining is the biggest contributor to Namibia’s economy, in terms of revenue – accounting for 25% of the country’s income. We are proud to be a contributor through our four mining and exploration assets in the Erongo region.

Lithium, Tin, Tantalum


Our fully operational Uis tin mine is highly scalable, with significant by-product potential for lithium and tantalum.

Lithium, Tin, Tantalum

Lithium Ridge

Lithium Ridge (Nai-Nais) is a 3 300 hectare licence area located 35 km from our Uis mine, and 2 km from a water infrastructure.

Lithium, Tin, Tantalum

Spodumene Hill

Spodumene Hill (B1C1) is a 4 900 hectare licence area located less than 15 km from our Uis mine (with a similar mineralogy).

Tin, Tungsten, Copper

Brandberg West

Brandberg West is a largely under-explored licence area of 35 000 hectares – previously owned by Gold Fields.