Health & Safety

Our top priority is ensuring that our employees and contractors remain safe.
Andrada Mining Health & Safety
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Everyday Safety

We are completely dedicated to maintaining the highest possible safety standards, and our goal is to ensure everyone goes home unharmed every day. To ensure this, safety is our biggest focus in everything we do. We make sure everyone, including employees and contractors, understands the importance of workplace safety and how to remain safe in any given scenario.

We have a health and safety policy that outlines our commitment to maintaining the safety of all people on site, and we make use of an online system to assess safety risks and track all incidents. If an injury, near miss, or other safety-related issue occurs, we carefully review the incident and take the steps required to prevent it from happening again.

Day-to-day safety within a mining setting is a challenge that requires continuous commitment and attention. We prioritise safety by integrating it into our daily processes and keeping it top-of-mind for all employees.

For instance, before each shift, every department holds a pre-start toolbox safety briefing. During these sessions, we make time to discuss safety procedures, review on-site incidents, or address topical safety concerns.

We also inspect equipment and tools before each shift and regularly check that employees are using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Any employee found not using or misusing their PPE may face disciplinary action.

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Safety Training

We educate and train our people on safe practices and risk awareness in order to keep them safe. With this in mind, all visitors are obliged to undergo induction training before entering operational areas.

All employees must receive annual training based on their job functions and risks. We're in the process of improving our induction training and will provide more details in future sustainability reports. 

Maintenance Wednesdays

We've introduced an initiative called 'Maintenance Wednesdays' to improve our on-site health and safety. It entails the lockdown of the entire plant every Wednesday to allow for uninterrupted maintenance work.

Our entire workforce is also involved in occupational health and safety awareness activities during this time.