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Reasons to Invest in Andrada Mining

We have fully permitted, established mining and processing facilities, with an experienced management and operational team, in Namibia, Southern Africa.

Our Namibian mining assets offer significant, high-quality tech-metal (lithium, tin, tantalum) potential, which proves invaluable in battery and new technology production – supporting the global move to a greener future.

Namibia's Damara Belt is a metallogenic jewel due to its geographical location and rich mining history. The significant opportunity lies in establishing the Erongo region as a tech-metals province by expanding our mining and exploration asset portfolios.

  • Open-pit mining, tin oxide coarse crushing, and only being 230 km from a port means low production costs and competitive logistics prices

  • Globally significant and JORC-compliant mineral resource estimate of 138 million tonnes

  • Resource contains high purity lithium constituting of 0,73% at 1,45 million tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent

  • Resource contains 0.15% tin at 120 000 tonnes

  • Resource contains 86 ppm tantalum at 6 960 tonnes

Successful Tin Expansion in PHASE 1

  • Profitable tin producer

  • Achieved above nameplate capacity

  • Delivers concentrate on a run-rate of 1 000 tonnes per year

  • Achieved in 2022 calendar year

By-Product Potential & Expansion in PHASE 1B

  • Production of lithium & tantalum

  • Diversification of tin concentrate portfolio

  • Estimated annual feed of 2,5 million tonnes per annum (tpa) to produce 2 500 tpa tin (Sn), 15 000 tpa lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE), and 30 tpa tantalum

  • Targeted for 2025 calendar year

Significant Scalability of Current Plant in PHASE 2

  • Estimated 10 mtpa feed
Andrada Mine Namibia
Andrada Mining has Globally Significant Deposits of Lithium, Tin & Tantalum

Quality Minerals

Globally Significant Deposits of Lithium, Tin & Tantalum

Andrada Mining Establishes Tech-Metals Production Province

Prime Location

Establishment of Tech-Metal Production Province

Andrada Mining Enjoys Remarkable Revenues via By-Product Extraction


Remarkable Revenues via By-Product Extraction

Andrada Mining has Potential for Shared Infrastructure Across Multiple Licences


Potential for Shared Infrastructure Across Multiple Licences

Andrada Mining Expects 10x Scale-Up Potential in Additional Phases

Expansion Plans

Tremendous Upscaling Potential in Phased Operational Expansion, with Incremental Revenue Streams

Andrada Mining Benefits from Strong Market Fundamentals for Battery Metals

Strong Market

Increasing Supply Deficit for Battery Metals & No Substitute for Battery Cathode Chemistry Ensure Strong Market Fundamentals

Namibia Offers Low Political Risk & Conflict-Free Tin Sources

Stable Country

Stable Mining Jurisdiction in Africa, Conflict-Free Source of Tin in Low Political Risk, Mining Supportive Country

Andrada Mining Boasts World-Class Leadership Team

Experienced Team

World-Class Leadership Team has Established Relationships with Relevant Government Entities & Local Communities