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The Company is fully aware of the sentiment lingering from the previous closure of the mine in the 1990s by ISCOR. To this end, the Company continually implements inclusive and supportive approaches with the local community to contribute to their economic and social wellbeing.

The project has recruited approximately one third of its workforce from the local Uis community and is aiming to increase this portion through training and development programmes. All members of the permanent workforce at the mine are Namibian citizens.

The communities surrounding the mine are supported in various ways other than by direct employment. Local small and medium-sized enterprises are prioritised for procurement opportunities. Regular sponsorships are awarded to local sports teams, as well as support for the local traditional authority and various wildlife conservation initiatives.

The SMU, Andrada’s local partner in Namibia, are represented on the board of directors of its Namibian operating entity and play an active role both in the management of the company and the management of stakeholder relations in Namibia